Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boat Repair

The sailing adventure that Parker and I had planned required some repair work to Parker's old boat which had been idling semi-neglected in the corner of our yard for a few years. It had sat semi-neglected elsewhere for many years before that. 

The key issues were the runners along the bottom of the hull and the bottom plywood itself. Both had deteriorated and needed to be replaced. In the end I removed the runners, epoxied and fastened a new layer of 1/2" marine plywood over the old 1/4" surface, trimmed it and then fabricated new runners. 

I did this under some pressure as I had only really expected to have to do some scraping, painting and fabricating some small rudder and tiller parts. 

Next up was fabricating the tiller parts. This wasn't hard, but as there was no template I made a dummy version first and then made the final version. After that, everything got scraped, primed and painted. With mere minutes to spare before leaving for the Cape, I schemed a roof attachment system for the top of my trusty old 240 and Nancy and I left for Cape Cod, by way of Milton.