Friday, December 26, 2008

Making Cycling Caps

I've been on a little cycling cap-making spree inspired by our "Secret Santa" gift giving in my family. The deal is everyone has to make something which then goes into the pool of gifts. I made a hat and it turned out to be a popular choice. I've made a couple more since then, including this one which I made for our friend Kate. It's a really nice brownish wool tweed made from an old sports coat. 

That's me modeling the cap before we wrapped it up on the way out the door to Kate's. 


Anna said...

Hey Dave! Wes, who ultimately ended up with your prized secret santa gift wears it all the time. He got tons of great comments from his friends in VT and I'm sure he will get more here in MN. Thanks for your craftiness :-)

Dave said...

Hey Anna--I'm glad it worked out like it did. It seems like it ended up with the right guy!

Sorry we missed you before you left. Good luck with school!

Eva Helene said...

Dave - nice looking hat, man! Nice blog, too. Nancy showed me the site yesterday. I'll be stopping back in now and then. All the best.

Dave said...

Hey Eva,

Thanks for checking out our little corner of the web. This blog stuff is fun. I checked your out. Fun to see your drawings and also the picture of Randy at the bakery with Maia and Solveig