Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Biking

Today I had some stuff to bring to the post office (specifically Tom's bag-- see next post) and delivered it by bike. For winter riding I have studded snow tires mounted front and rear wheels which make biking in ice and snow at all possible. It's still dicey, but it wouldn't be doable without them. Additionally I have my lights mounted and at the ready since it gets dark around 4 or so. 

There is a special thrill to biking when most folks assume you can't ride a bike. It feels adventurous and special. A few years ago I biked to work when it was -5 degrees below zero because my car would not start. To my surprise, I was hot when I got there since I'd put on so many layers. The hardest part of riding I find is keeping my toes warm since they don't move much and there is a wind chill factor. 

The studded tires do an able job of keeping me upright on ice and snow, but it is the ruts that are the most challenging. They are hard to see and want to keep your wheel in them even if you want to go out of them. 

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