Thursday, February 19, 2009


When my little sister Anna was still a kid she got a puppy, who she named Motion. That was back roughly 14 years ago. Anna is no longer a kid, and Motion is no longer a puppy. He is now a benevolent elder in and around our home. Strictly speaking he lives next door at my parent's place, but he spends copious amounts of time up at our place. We've come to love him completely. He's a sweet dog and it is bittersweet kind of love because he is quite an old man, though he still has the spirit of a happy teenager.

We have a littany of names that we seem to call him. They vary by the day, the mood and the season, as well as any particular activities or events. These include Moesh, Smoesh-Dog, Super Dog, Moe, El Moe (said with a deep Spanish accent), Super Moe, Moesh Dog, Super Smowsh, Moeshfoot, Mudfoot, Snowfoot, Snoweater, Super Sniffer, Happy Dog, Bomb Dropper, Scratchfoot, Super Sleeper, Waterdrinker... you get the idea. 

All Hail Lord Moesh!

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