Monday, February 23, 2009

Fall Sailing Trip Revisited

This video is a little snippet of the sailing Parker and I did last October on Cape Cod. In this particular clip we are sailing around Pleasant Bay in Chatham. It's a little outdated at this point, but what the heck. For the most part we had great fall weather and got to experience some pleasurable sailing without any serious mishaps. The boat held up just fine and we left feeling excited for the next adventure.

Our original plan was to actually sail around Cape Cod, but as the time arrived, it was more and more clear that we'd be biting off more then we should. In the end we did lots of little sails that included sailing up through Woods Hole against the tide. The passage through Woods Hole is famous for it's powerful currents; being in a small boat with a good wind we were able to sort of skirt from nook to nook and sort hopscotch across currents and plan our next move. It took about two hours to travel the 1/4 mile through the hole. The fun was in the unlikeliness of doing what we did.

The one regret is the anxiety we put Nancy's parents through. They were our hosts and were reasonably concerned for our welfare given the season and the short days and such. Its one thing to know you are fine despite the fact you are still sailing in the dark, its another thing to communicate that to your worried hosts! Next time I'll do a better job of that.

Parker and I have always bonded around this sort of adventure, and our experiences last fall only whet our appetites for more, be it on bikes, in a canoe, or on a sailboat.

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