Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Rides

Last evening I rode from home here in Waitsfield to the contra dance in Montpelier. It felt great. In fact I really felt like I was just getting into my stride as I was rolling into town. I saw wild turkeys, dead deer, live deer, hunter-y looking guys watching deer, ducks, and the Mad and Winooski rivers. It was really pleasant.

Apparently I left my rear light on because an announcement was made at the break at the dance saying how the typical routine is to mention that there is a car in the parking lot with it's cab light on, but in this case it was a pleasant opportunity to announce that a bicycle rider had left his or her light on.

This morning, Jeremy, Anda, Nancy and I met and rode down to Moretown to Lize and Randy's to celebrate Maia's birthday. It again felt great to be out on bikes with friends. I spent a bunch of time this spring cleaning and revamping the drive trains on both Nancy's and my bikes. The pay off is in the clean smooth quite pur as we rode along. There still a little tweaking to do, but for the most part the bikes are in good shape. I need to fix the pannier that I made for Nancy as well.

So, great friends, great place to live, a little beekeeping, great dance, solid bikes, family celebration, nice weather... I can't ask for much more.

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