Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mad Bikes

For the past couple of years I've been involved with a bunch of bike related organizing here in the Mad River Valley. I got started by organizing "Bike-to-Work/School/Market" days concurrent with National Bike-to-Work day. That led into joining a fledgling group organizing around transportation issues here in the Valley called Valley Moves. One of the projects to grow out of Valley Moves is a free bike program, which had its trial run last summer. There were some hic cups, but the project was as successful as could be hoped.

Thanks to many volunteers, the Mad Bikes are out on the street once again. I find myself drawn to the project despite my uncertainty about what it achieves. At the very least, it puts our area on the map as a bike supportive, bike friendly place.

Last evening I spent a couple of hours tuning up some freshly painted bikes, numbered them and then put them out on the racks around town.

The one in the photo is my favorite. Eminently practical.

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Eva said...

and handsome, too!