Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vermont Beekeepers Summer Meeting

Yesterday I attended the Vermont Beekeeper's summer meeting, which was held here in Waitsfield. The meetings are informative, the pot-luck lunch truly tasty, and I always come away reinvigorated to do better at our beekeeping work. Its a neat little world to be a part of. I tip my bee veil to Gib Geiger and Kim Greenwood for all of their hard work organizing the whole thing.


Kim said...

The organizers did a good job and it was a great meeting to be at...I enjoyed meeting all the VT beekeepers who were there...I hope I can return...
Kim Flottum

Dave said...


I thought your talk was excellent. You reinforced taking care of the basics before everything else and thats a message we need to keep hearing. We've been lax about doing mite counts and are now going to become systematic about it.

Great to meet you and hear you speak!


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