Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jeremy's chicken coop

The other day we had breakfast with Sally, Jeremy, Anda and Silas to celebrate Anda's birthday and just visit. It's always great to see them and if we don't get the opportunity to "recharge" by hanging out once in a while I start to notice.

Anyway, Jeremy built an excellent chicken coop that I thought I'd post a few pictures of.

It's a double decker, with the bottom open to the earth and an "upstairs" where the hens roost at night and are protected from rain and weather. Jeremy has cleverly designed a small trap door that becomes a ramp when it is opened via a string from the outside. This lets the hens travel down to the bottom area. Feeding happens on the second floor and foraging and fertilizing happen downstairs. There are access doors along the side and a cleaning and egg gathering door at the end.

I very much admire the combination of function and design happening in the triangular shape --with neither being sacrificed, as far as I can see. The coop is moved twice a day around the lawn to keep fresh foraging ground available to the chickens and fertilization (in the form of chicken poop) spread out around the yard.

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