Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recent Harvest

We went away last weekend and there was a frost in the forecast, so we harvested a bunch of stuff we didn't want to lose. Beyond what's shown in the photos we've got piles of onions, celariac, canned tomatoes, shallots, a bunch of herbs, potatoes, tons of basil (that is now pesto), carrots, squashes, and countless other excellent items that I can't recall at the moment.

We grew pie pumpkins for the first time this year. That's the orange/green squash-like stuff in crate on the left. The bin on the right contains our haul of sweet potatoes. We are particularly excited about the sweet potatoes since we've learned how to do a better job of keeping them warm and moist under plastic and row cover. Last year's take was okay, but nothing like what we got this year.

The garlic has been hanging to dry since early August. We took it down and cut off the stems. All told we've got about 40 pounds or so. This should last us through next spring with enough to plant this fall for next year's harvest.

Nance holding a couple of peppers.


We decided to go after some of the wild apples available all along the property line. They don't look very good, but boy, some of them are super yummy. We plan to make apple sauce with them.

A pile of sungolds. We slice these in half and then dry them in the food dehydrator. Yum.

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Angelo R. said...

Those sungolds look delicious! What kind of dehydrator do you use?