Monday, October 5, 2009

Musical interludes

Saturday night Nancy and I went to a 20's themed birthday party. Everyone was dressed for the occasion and it was easy to feel in the mode. The highlight of the evening was the musical entertainment. The hosts had seen these musicians playing on the street in southern France about 10 years ago, loved them, and always hoped to see them again on their occasional trip back to France. By chance they did encounter them again last year, and as a treat for the party, flew them over for the event. I don't know the name of the band, but they consisted of a soprano sax, clarinet, banjo, and bass, and they played, to my ear, a variant of gypsy jazz. I am not highly schooled in the subtleties of the the various jazz idioms, but this sounded pretty Django Reinhardt-like, but without guitar. In any event, they were tons of fun and we had a blast dancing to them. While they are here in Vermont they are playing a couple of gigs at other venues and I'm looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow night at the the Langdon Street Cafe.

Sunday our friend Joanne came over to check out the house and play a little music. Joanne and I met through Yestermorrow and she recently received a degree in architecture, so she had a fairly informed curiosity seeing the house and the various features, design decisions, etc... After our tour we sat down to play some music and had a great time, as always. I find my ability and my willingness to take little musical risks increases slowly but steadily, and that feels great. Making music is right up there with cycling, great food, hanging with my sweetness, dancing, and sailing. Food for the soul.


ROXY MARJ said...

love your blog. just found it today! When I turn 30 - in 2 years...I plan on having a HUGE 20's themed ...hootenanny rendezvous PARTAY! :))

Dave said...

Thanks Roxy. I got to go out a couple of night later and see the band again. Their name is Congo Square and they are from somewhere in Provence.