Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sign Project

Painting the edge

Affixing the vinyl lettering

Cutting the vinyl backing


For way too long I've been trying to complete a volunteer project I committed to way way back. I offered to make a new sign for the Montpelier Captial City Grange, of which we are members via our involvement with contra dancing.

When I finished college I was unsure of what I was going to do and came up with sign making as something to pursue. I talked to various sign makers and somehow started to line up a few projects. I got the basics under my belt and then my focus drifted elsewhere. Nonetheless, its handy to be able to put together a sign and so it made sense to do one for the grange.

The pictures show a bit of the process. I haven't seen it hanging yet, but look forward to doing so soon.

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skvidal said...

I'm sorry if I'm being obtuse - but is it really "Captial City"? Not "Capital city"?