Monday, February 1, 2010


Yesterday the Volvo turned over 300,000 miles. We were driving back from Boston and making guesses the whole way about where we thought it would actually happen. Its sort of insignificant and yet cool.

When I was researching what car to buy back in the mid nineties, I talked to a guy at Performance Motors in Hadley, MA --a shop that just worked on Volvos-- who said if I took care of it it'd go to 300,000 no problem. Well, he was right. I feel like this car has done it's work and everything from here on in is gravy.

In fact, my odometer was busted for about 6 months a few years back, so in actuality, this car has long since hit this milestone, but hey, it wouldn't work to take a picture at, say, 298,742 and say I think this car is really about to hit 300,000.

Let's hear it for the Volvo 240!