Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Mud and Snow Milk Bike

I acquired this lovely bike a couple of years ago as a frame with just a front wheel and some otherwise respectable parts. Its a Panasonic mountain bike frame and was a garish green and yellow with something like "Montpelier Parks" hand painted across the top tube.

Since then I gave it a cheap but effective paint job, switched out the handlebars and break levers, added a rear wheel and installed a respectable Brooks saddle. Oh yeah, I also added a nice set of SKS fenders to round out the effort. The bike is currently wearing a set of studded Nokian tires for rides on snowy nights.

If for some reason you've followed this blog over the months you'll know that biking around the corner to the nearby farm to get milk for making yogurt is one of my favorite activities. In the past I would hook my bike trailer up and then strap the 2 gallon milk bucket to the trailer. That worked, but I thought I'd be cool to come up with something a little easier and maybe more streamlined. To answer that need I created a small wooden rack that mounts over the rear bike rack I have in place on the bike. The bucket fits neatly in the circular opening and I just run a strap over it to insure it stays in place and it all works quite well.

I've since decided that this rack is actually rather clunky and overbuilt, so I've schemed out a much more elegant and minimal version. I've cut the parts and they are just sitting there in the house. I just need to assemble it. Version two will be a significantly more elegant solution.

I love this bike. It's reminiscent of a three-speed in feel with mountain bike gearing to haul up steep hills. The one change I need to make is installing a slightly taller stem to raise the bars up just a little more.



Anonymous said...

Please, what handlebars are those?

Dave said...

Hello Anonymous,

The bars are Velo Orange Porteur bars. I dig 'em. Cork grips from Rivendell Bicycle Works.

Big Head Red said...

At first glance, I thought the frame was an Atlantis.

Then I thought...damn, an Atlantis for a Mud and Snow Milk Bike? Must be nice!

Very cool bike, none-the-less.

Dave said...

Hey Big Red Head,

I was looking for something like the Atlantis color when I went to the hardware store. I sometimes call this my bike my Fakendell. A glance at the fork crown and you know in a second its just an impostor.

Tony said...

Hi Dave, I was wondering if you had time to assemble the new rack?
(Joe sent the links to the house blog.I wandered from there to Yurtville, and enjoy reading about your adventures. I'm Joe's brother, but unfortunately not nearly as accomplished.)
Best regards, Tony