Friday, March 26, 2010

Nancy's Bicycle Tool Bag

I made this last night for Nancy. What you can't tell from the photos is that it's divided into three smaller pouches where it folds into thirds.

My inspiration came a couple of days ago when Nancy and I were getting ready to ride to work (I ride halfway with her and then loop home, while she continues on) and it was apparent that she didn't have a tool kit, so I decided I needed to rectify the situation.

This little tool bag is step one.

Next up is collecting the proper tools and a spare tube.

See more of the bags I've made here.


Dottie said...

That is adorable! I wish I were crafty enough for little projects like that. Well done :)

Dave said...

Thanks Dottie! I love checking out your blog. A friend of mine is buying his fiance a Betty Foy as an engagement present, and your blog is a great endorsement!