Monday, April 26, 2010

s24o Number 3

The gang(from l. to r.): Jeremy, Silas (in trailer), Randy, Solveig, me, Nancy, Anda, and Sally

On our way

Randy's secret weapon

Nearing our campsite

Setting up

For the third year in a row, our close knit group of our loved ones have come together for another s24o. What's an s24o? Only the most fun thing ever! "s240" stands for Sub-24 hour Overnight. (You can read more about the whole concept here. Or read about last year's adventure here.) In a nutshell: its a quick overnight camping trip with loaded bikes.

Kids on trail-a-bikes, infants in trailers. Destination is vague, spirits are high, weather is excellent. Stuff packed in panniers, bags, and more trailers.

We were all a little slow to gather as it always takes a bit more time to pull stuff out of storage and pull some food together then you plan on, but by about 4:30 we were all joined up and ready to go (with the exception of my sister Liza and niece Maia who had to make a brief trip to the emergency room--they were able to join us later).

We arrived at our high elevation location with only a little daylight left to get our tents up and start on heating up some food. After a great meal and some treats, we all made for our sleeping bags.

The morning started with a chilly breakfast as the sun was coming up through the trees. We then all went for a walk up the hillside and warmed up.

After packing up, I had the pleasure of towing Maia home on a trail-a-bike. We both made droning sounds with our voices that waivered with the bumps in the road. Fun.

Morning breakfast

Two guys with striped caps

Our morning walk

Maia's trail-a-bike hooked up. It was really fun to ride home together. Solveig rode with Liza

All of this started three years ago when Nancy asked what I wanted for my birthday. Without a moment's hesitation I said "A sub-24-oh with Lize, Randy, Sally, Jeremy and the kids". We did it, had a great time and haven't stopped yet.

It is the best birthday present I could imagine.


Anonymous said...

so fun! happy (belated at this point) birthday!

Dottie said...

This looks like the absolute best way to spend 24 hours! I've been wanting to take an S24O for a long time. Great inspiration here :)

Dave said...

Thanks Wendy!

Dottie, I say gather a friend or two and make that s24o happen. You'll be amazed at how much fun it is, and I'm sure you'll do it with characteristic style. I'll keep an eye out on your blog!