Monday, May 24, 2010

One spoon to rule them all!

About 12 years ago my sister Eliza gave me a really beautiful set of pewter measuring spoons along with a purpose-made mount. I've used them with pleasure for years and they have since become Nancy's and mine.

Roughly three years ago we found that the teaspoon had gone missing. Our hope was that it fell behind the counter or some other hard to reach spot and that it would show up when we finally had the opportunity to dig deep. Well, we moved the yurt last summer which required taking everything out of the yurt. No teaspoon. We began to believe it was simply gone for good. At one point I looked up the maker and found that there seemed to be no replacement.

A couple of weekends ago Nancy and I were out in the garden prepping our raised beds for planting and suddenly Nance found the spoon! It seems it made it into the compost bucket and from there to the compost pile where we let it "cook" for a couple of years. Last year we must have moved the finished compost out to the garden and spread it around.

We are very glad to have our teaspoon back.

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Julia Posey said...

What great news! Is the spoon talking?