Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sailing on Lake Champlain

My best friend Parker was visiting last week and after a few days of hard work we took the afternoon on Saturday to go sailing on Lake Champlain, sailing from the town launch in Shelburne.

Near the shore the wind is reasonably calm as there are a number of islands and points that buffet the breeze, but once out in the more open thoroughfare of the lake it got pretty breezy, and consequently kinda wet too, but mostly just fun. In my mind I think of the lake as this sort of calm body of water, but this day there were swells, waves and small whitecaps, making for a splashy ride up and a surf-y sort of ride back down the wind, riding the swells like you might on a surfboard or a kayak.

At the beginning of the summer I declared that this year I really wanted to make a point of sailing a bunch, but as it goes the house project has been very demanding and and this was the first (and I suspect) last sail of the season.

I'm so glad we got to go.

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