Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Bear Story... part 2

Back in April a bear came and knocked over a couple of our bee hives. It made for an exciting and sleepless night but in the end turned out okay. I wrote a full description here.

Soon after this, we went on vacation with Nancy's family in Florida, and naturally the story of how the bear came and knocked over the hive was told all around. Our niece Lydia became quite taken with the story and so it got repeated many many times. Over the course of the week it started to get a little boring telling the same story again and again, so it became slightly more embellished as time went on, adding parts like how the bear came a left a note at the yurt saying "Please come visit me in my cave".

This story really took with Lydia who told the tale to her cousins. To my delight, Lydia's mom Dana took a little video of Lydia telling the story.

Prepare to be charmed.

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wendy said...

this is awesome!