Thursday, July 7, 2011

Travelling Bees

This is the second year we have brought some of our hives down to Kingsbury Farm. It's interesting to have hives in different locations for the sake of comparison and it feels good to be contributing the value of the bees to an exciting enterprise. Aaron and Suzanne are enterprising folks and it's hard not to be intrigued by their efforts. Having farmed elsewhere they've said that they were glad to get to start out at a new farm and do it the way they would like based on that past experience. Its seems so far so good. They grow lovely produce and make yummy food for the Market Garden store.

Our bees did fine there last year but if I recall we brought them down a little farther on in the season so they didn't have all that much time to do their thing. We'll see how things go this year.


wendy said...

burning questions of the day:
is that large white thing in the background a greenhouse? how does moving the location of the bees change things? does it make different flavor/color of the honey because they use different flowers? how large of an area do they fly from their hive?

Dave said...

Hey Wendy,
Yes, that is a greenhouse which is moveable depending on the season and what is growing and what needs to be under the greenhouse.

Your questions about the bees are kind of what I'm wondering too. There's lots of Japanese Knotweed along the river near this farm and apparently its good for honey production.

Bees can fly up to about 5 miles from the hive, but will only go as far as they need to to gather the pollen, water and nectar that they need.