Saturday, September 17, 2011


Rose and Joe, the proud new owners, helping take the yurt down

A view of our new home from inside our old home

So we found two great folks who are buying the yurt from us and rapidly making it their new home in the next town over.  Without really making any effort at all we fell into contact with Joe and Rose and told them we were interested in passing on our yurt and they readily took interest. 

I'd been doing some work on the yurt in July and August replacing the old rotted windows and then making a new exterior wall canvas since the old one had really started to deteriorate. Joe and Rose came over and we were able to show them that we'd done the work to the yurt that we would have wanted to do ourselves if we were going to spend a bunch more years in it. 

Clearly our affections and energies have turned towards the house and we are just glad that the yurt is moving on to people who will have an active interest in taking care of it and making it their home.  We're excited to head over there soon and see their progress. 

Are we sad to see the yurt go? For myself, the moment of sadness came back in March or April when we moved the fridge out. That was the day that it felt like the yurt had finished it's amazing and wonderful service of keeping us warm, safe and happy for so many years. We will always be grateful to how it changed our lives and brought us together, but at the same time we are now fully invested and attached to our new home. We wish Joe, Rose, and the yurt many years of happiness!