Monday, October 24, 2011

Boston Run

This afternoon I pedaled up from Milton (a town about 10 miles south of the city) up to Boston.

I worked and went to school in the Back Bay area for a few years and for no real reason it was sort of a place to go, so that's where I went. I gotta say, there isn't any real decent way for a cyclist to get from Milton to Boston without either braving some heinous roadways or travelling through some semi-sketchy areas. Seeing as I was straddling the twilight I decided for challenging traffic rather than an iffy unfamiliar area.

I was hoping to get an impression of cycling in the city, but really didn't have time to take much in. I think I'd need a couple of days to really start to see where things are at, but even at a glance I noticed a few fun and encouraging items: A pedicab travelling up Newbury street; a vintage Peugeot set up in full mid-century constructeur-style with fenders, lights and a front rack; a delivery bike with a large cargo container; and a bunch of colorful fixies. Lots of Brooks saddles and painted fenders as well.

At the top of Newbury I saw the Boston version of the bike-for-hire scheme. My first exposure to this was the Montreal Bixi bikes and these seem to be the very same bikes, just rebranded as the "Hubway" for Boston. With their built in hub generator lights they are easy to spot and I saw a few as I biked around the Back Bay area.

I wish I got to travel further around the city, but it was fun nonetheless to drop in for a few minutes.

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