Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bag in Process

Awaiting assembly

Parts cut

The original

Jeremy has been using a nice little black saddle bag for years to carry his essentials on his commuting bike. The bag seems fitting for an old English three-speed; it's black, mounts under the saddle, and has a nice understated luggage look to it. Alas, the bag is falling apart and has been held together with duct tape for a while and is in need of replacement.

I love the opportunity to make a bag, so when Jeremy asked if I might be game to make a replacement I was glad to take on the project. The bags I'm making (one for Jeremy, one for sale) will be almost identical in size and configuration to the original but will be made out of waxed canvas and leather, whereas the original was a mix of plastic-y faux leather fabric and leather straps. The original had cardboard riveted to the inner side walls to give the bag shape; I'm not quite sure what I'm going to use for stiffener, but I'm going to conceal it within a pocket so you a.) don't see it, and b.) gain small storage pockets on the interior.

I'm quite pleased with the effect of dark green waxed canvas, black leather, light cream/green stitching and brass hardware. It has a nice quality Carridice/Brooks look to it.

I just ordered leather that I'll use as edge trim, so I'll do a little more assembly and then wait to finish the bags when the trim comes in. Fun stuff.