Monday, April 29, 2013

s24o yeah!

Gathering on Plunkton Road

Heading down North Hollow in Granville

The group got bigger with my sister's kids joining us about 8 miles from the destination.

Sol-nut was amazing, riding 8 miles Saturday, and then 12 miles back on Sunday. 

I took a brief detour to explore the Braintree gap roadway. Its rough stuff, but strangely alluring. I look forward to exploring it further some day.

Silas doing his thing, with Dad providing the pedal power.

Liza on her Heron

We encountered a zone of pavé where the mud had gotten bad and the town had to make extensive repairs. It was a fun challenge. 

Our destination was a homestead in Rochester and we settled in as the warm temps of the afternoon started to drop. 

Food, family, and friends. We all got pretty chilly as the sun went down.

Jeremy's XO-1

A little walk at dusk to warm up and listen to the peepers and woodcocks. After some card games in the tent, we all found our way to bed for an early night's sleep.  

The next morning arrived with brilliant sun and quickly warming temps. Randy set to work making breakfast with his very cool little camp stove. It burns wood which then powers a fan which in turn accelerates the flame. It also creates a electrical power sources to power a device via a USB port. Very cool. 

The BioLite

The group photo before we left in the morning

We took our time getting home. 

 Spring Bloodroot

Sunday, April 14, 2013

App Gap

After a fairly indoor kind-of-day I decided late in the afternoon to ride to the top of the Appalachian Gap. It's a nice even 20 mile trip: an easy ride to the base of the mountain, a serious gap climb, then a zip back down. I'm home in two hours.

We had a couple inches of snow in the last day and today felt as though, by rights, it should have been a lot more like spring, alas it is still acting more like winter. I decided to go for the ride anyway. I needed a reason to be outside.

Being my first challenging ride of any sort of the season, it was reassuringly straightforward. I enjoy the climb and know the hill well. I was glad to find that the wind I've encountered at the top was absent today, allowing me to relax for a few minutes before heading back down in a light rain.

I picked up a few groceries in town on my way back, came home and had a nice meal.