Sunday, April 14, 2013

App Gap

After a fairly indoor kind-of-day I decided late in the afternoon to ride to the top of the Appalachian Gap. It's a nice even 20 mile trip: an easy ride to the base of the mountain, a serious gap climb, then a zip back down. I'm home in two hours.

We had a couple inches of snow in the last day and today felt as though, by rights, it should have been a lot more like spring, alas it is still acting more like winter. I decided to go for the ride anyway. I needed a reason to be outside.

Being my first challenging ride of any sort of the season, it was reassuringly straightforward. I enjoy the climb and know the hill well. I was glad to find that the wind I've encountered at the top was absent today, allowing me to relax for a few minutes before heading back down in a light rain.

I picked up a few groceries in town on my way back, came home and had a nice meal.

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