Tuesday, May 21, 2013

After work ramble

 Ignore the power line and this could be 1850

 A nice set of options

Lucky we are here in Vermont


I could probably do a whole blog just about buildings seen on my rides

The view looking down to Montpelier. It was a great ride down the hill

I finished work at about 5:00 in Montpelier and knew I wanted to go for a ride. Usually I park at the park-and-ride in Middlesex and ride into town in the morning, and then back again in the afternoon, but ran short of time this morning. 

Not being quite sure where I wanted to go, I headed up Rt. 12 and then was drawn across the Wrightsville dam onto Horn of the Moon road. From there I just travelled up and followed my nose. It was a spectacular afternoon and it felt good to be moving and climbing. Eventually I was rewarded with gorgeous views at the top of one of the roads I took. 

Heading back towards town I was taken with the view of Montpelier from high above. It looked like a little european village all tucked into the valley. 

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