Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Fun

Today we had a ton of fun with our friend and fellow randonneur Greg as he toured us around the back roads of Woodbury, Plainfield, Calais, Cabot, Marshfield and who knows where else. Our excuse for the ride was to get to the Bohemian Bakery (only open on Sunday mornings) for some coffee and treats, but that really was just the start of our day.

Riding on the back roads of Vermont is always a pleasure and seeing new regions of the place where you live is always exciting. Our journey with Greg was perfect in this respect. Adding in a "hidden" gem of a bakery was beyond perfect.

The rain dogged us all day, mixed with some high humidity and hot sun, but we managed to dodge the worst of it and in truth I don't think we were really too bothered since we were having so much fun just being out there.

Lets do this again!