Monday, November 16, 2015

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2015

Here's my Coffeeneuring Challenge 2015 recap. I didn't pick a theme-within-a-theme but I did notice a positive trend; with two exceptions these were all social rides, not solo journeys. I didn't plan it that way, it just happened. You'd think getting out once a weekend for a cup of coffee would be a no-brainer, but it's easy to let it slip or not make it happen. Gladly, I did manage to come through. 103 miles all told.
Like randonneuring events, the challenge creates a game --a framework-- that gets me out on my bike at a time of year when I would probably not ride so much, so I'm grateful for the excuse. Thinking ahead to next year, I think I might make architecture a theme to orient around. Thanks to Mary for making this happen!

Coffeeneuring Ride #7
Destination: City Feed and Supply
Location: Jamaica Plain, MA
Bike friendliness: nothing worth noting
Miles: 35

My favorite ride of the coffeeneuring season! I met up with a few fellow New England Randonneurs for a recommended no-fenders ride (advice I ignored) that took in a meandering course around the shoreline in Dorchester, the hills and ponds of the Blue Hills, and various pathways and abandoned roadways in the area.

Coffee was the fuel that started the day, drank somewhat hastily with our collective desire to get moving. The day was pretty chilly, but so much fun to be adventuring through the woods and paths.

Coffeeneuring #6
November 8
Miles: ~5 miles all told
Bike Friendliness: spot on
Destination: Mountain View Farm, VT

A short sweet ride on a chilly morning with friends to the ever affordable cafe-without-walls, namely the upper fields at a neighbors farm a few miles down the road.
With a short walk up the hill we had a nice hang out with coffee at the top of the meadow, looking over the great views across the valley. The wind was brisk and chilly, but the sun was warm.

Coffeeneuring #5
November 1
Destination: The Warren Store, Warren, VT
Bike friendliness: Good enuf, nothing special
Miles: ~16

Nance asked what my coffeeneuring ride plan was. Truth was I didn't have much of one, envisioning a solo ride to check #5 off the list. She responded why don't we ride down to the Warren Store, get lunch and ride back. Yes! A ride with my sweetness is way more fun then heading off on my own.

Coffeeneuring #4
October 31
Location: Field, Waitsfield, VT
Bike Friendliness: Quite acceptable 
Coffee: Home brew..all good.
Distance: 11 miles, under chilly haze

Today's ride was semi-uninspired. The available retail options are more or less mediocre and so I opted for a Coffee Without Walls locale that was quite nice at the top of the Rolston Road in Waitsfield, VT with a view that looks west across the Mad River Valley. If you love narrow, small, steep dirt roads, Rolston Road is a fun one.

Coffeeneuring # 3

October 25
Distance ~16m
Destination: Maglianaro Cafe, Burlington, VT with a ride out to the end of the Colchester Causeway
Bike Friendliness: excellent

If there were a Coffeeneurs's perfect destination, I'd nominate Maglianaro as a top contender. The cafe has been both bike themed (notice the handlebar"M" logo) and bike-centric from the start. (In their old location they even had showers available). There are no bike racks out front because bicycle parking is INSIDE, right through the front door! The coffee is some of the best in the region, and the space is open and light with deep window sills. A previous art display was a variety of antique bikes on loan from the nearby Old Spokes Home.

Our coffee stop was the launching off point for an adventure out to the end of the causeway on the Lake Champlain Island Line Trial. With 30-40 knot winds we enjoyed riding through the craziness.

Coffeeneuring‬ ride #2 with my brother-in-law Brian. 
October 11
Destination: East Warren Community Market
Roughly 13 miles round trip.

This morning's ride took us from home to the East Warren Community Market in East Warren. The route travels along the spectacular Waitsfield Common and East Warren roads, providing broad views across the Mad River Valley which is at the height of fall foliage. Coffee was fine, the company great and the tailwind home just right.

Coffeeneuring Ride #1

Sunday October 4th
Destination: Big Picture Theatre & Cafe
Miles: 7
Bike Friendliness: Indifferent

My first outing was an enjoyable late afternoon ride to town for a cozy cup of coffee at the Big Picture. Although a cool day, the late afternoon made sitting outside not only do-able, but quite pleasant. From my seat I could see the ridge of the Green Mountains off in the distance. The mountains evoke a sense of wildness for me. There will be cold and frost, even snow up there before long, but for now the warmth remains and it was nice to have a causal easy ride to check off this first ride of the Coffeeneuring season. Jess, who works at the cafe was kind enough to brew a new pot o'decaf at the late hour of the afternoon, and it was quite good. Truth be told, I may have opted for a more fermented option given the time, but being a dutiful Coffeeneur, I stayed within the available options for the event.

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I love the Warren Store's coffee! Pastries too. Also good to see you in my neck of the woods, patronizing Maglianero...and riding the Causeway also.