Sunday, December 6, 2015

Early Winter Riding

Persistent Valley fog despite the afternoon sun

It's the 6th of December and the weather has been a mix of proper December weather with frequent and confusing bits of September thrown in. I keep going for rides with the thought that "I gotta take advantage of these last warms temps...".  It keeps happening, but that's okay. Just last week I was kind of resigned to it being winter, right and proper and it was time to switch over to my sedate but winter worthy upright bike with a new set of studded tires. I want to forestal the inevitable, but gladly the inevitable is taking it's time this season. I think also that the Coffeeneuring rides keep me thinking "bike" further into the fall then I would otherwise.

I'm fully aware that this can turn on a dime any day now, but so far so good. And, when it finally does snow and the roads are icy, I'll rediscover the fun of slow adventures in cold weather.

Long afternoon shadows

Nancy climbing up German Flats. There's snow on the slopes behind

New studded tires will be put to use any day